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Our insulated container is specially designed to help provide a temperature regulated environment for your clinical materials during transport, whether ambient, refrigerated or frozen.
Two types of containers, a dual layer and a single layer type are available. The dual layer container allows two different temperature zones to be maintained in the same container.
Packaging For Exporting
We can handle all the necessary packaging, labeling, and documentation (to any required regulations including IATA, UN).
Temperature Date (Loggers)
A temperature data logger is installed inside each container during transportation.
After transportation, the customer can confirm immediately whether the required temperature zone for the material was maintained.
The temperature data log can (in PDF format) can be sent as early as the next day.
Any packaging can be available upon your requests.
In order to provide a controlled temperature inside the container during transportation, pre-heated/pre-chilled insulation materials such as cold insulator/heat insulator/dry ice are available.
Your required temperature zone can be equipped.
  • Materials are transported in a strictly controlled environment, maintaining their integrity.
  • All samples and materials are stored with the highest security.