Environmental Policy

Our basic philosophy

We always strive to minimize both the resources that we use and the environmental impact that we have through our transportation business activities.

We know the importance of coexisting with the global environment. Recognizing this we strive to develop and conduct business activities in a way that contributes to the local community and the local environment, and has a positive impact on the global environment.

Course of action

  1. We will abide by all laws and regulations concerning environmental protection in order to minimize our environmental impact and protect against environmental pollution.
  2. To protect the environment we will set targets in all business areas in order to have definable objectives to strive towards. These strategies will target the following areas:

    -Energy conservation/saving resources
    -Recycling activities
    -Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
  3. We will create and implement an environmental management system, which we will periodically review, in order to continuously strive to improve our environmental conservation activities.
  4. We will make every effort to continually improve all employee’s awareness of environmental issues and activities through environmental education and participation in public relations activities.
  5. Our environmental policy is well known by all employees and is also publicly available.

August 01, 2006
Eri Takagi, CEO

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